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What We Do

What we do

I’ve spent years working with children and adults as a certified speech language pathologist in Germany. I’ve seen people achieve incredible results with my holistic methods of language learning and voice training. I’m inspired by them and the effort that I see them put into improving each day.

About Silke

Silke was born and grew up in Germany. Working and helping people has always been close to her heart. She was completely inspired to turn her love of working with people into a profession at a young age. After doing an internship at a voice and speech practice, she knew exactly how she was going to do it.

Silke graduated from the CJD Schlaffhorst-Andersen School after 3 years of full time education as a certified State-Registered Teacher of Respiration, Speech and Voice in 2003. She has enjoyed applying her holistic approach to helping people with many different challenges, from language and lessons to more demanding and specialized work. This has included areas in respiration, respiratory dysfunctions, occupational voice disorders, and speech disorders, as well as the artistic field in the prevention of stage fright, work on stage for presence, resonance, and strength. 

She furthered her study with Gabriele Münch, the founder of the Manual Voice Treatment method. Silke has also spent time working in practices specialising in speech pathology, voice training, voice therapy and voice rehabilitation for people with voice disorders.

This journey lead Silke to work with children. Helping them with speech delays, pronunciation, and grammar. She also worked with adults suffering with disorders after stroke. She has also spent time working with stage and screen personalities from anchormen and TV hosts, teachers and managers to actors and music artists, helping them develop stronger voices and better breathing techniques.

Silke’s life changed after a trip to Canada in 2007. She fell in love with Vancouver and after getting married, she and her husband moved in 2011 to settle in British Columbia where they raise their two children.

This has also broadened Silke’s professional approach. She now applies her expertise to teaching German language classes to children. Every child learns differently. Silke creates a warm atmosphere of encouragement to support the best ways for children of all abilities to achieve their best. 

The holistic concept of Schlaffhorst-Andersen helps children use all their senses to learn and get a good grasp of language. And it makes it fun.


- Silke Wegner, Founder of Vocal Chord

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