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We hope to answer any questions you might have here. If you can’t find the information or answers you need, please feel free to contact us.

What happens if the teacher is sick?

If the teacher is unable to teach a class, you will receive an email as soon as possible. The teacher will

find an additional date for the not provided lesson, if there’s no date available you will receive a

refund for the missed class.

What do I do if my child can't attend a class?

Please leave your child at home if he or she is sick, we want to prevent the sickness being spread to

other students. Please inform the teacher via email or text that your child isn’t attending class.

Unfortunately no refund for the missed class.

What happens if there is no space available?

Silke is trying to enrol as many students as possible but as she has to support her own little family the time is limited to certain dates and times. She also wants to find the best matching group for your child. If there’s no space available in a group you will be put on a waitlist and she is trying to find more students to open up another group the following year or at the next possible date. 

Where do the lessons take place?

All lessons take place at Silke's home in Lynn Valley. Basic learning materials are provided for each student. 

Do I need to re-register every year?

We will have pre-registration for any students who have completed a full year of classes to ensure their spot is secured for the next year. 

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