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Holistic Voice Training

Voice Training


Our voice is how we communicate with the world. Let’s work together to get you the strength, confidence, and control that will help your voice stand out and be heard.

People often struggle with their voice after an injury, a cold, stress or years of improper use. Usual cases might be that your voice is raspy, lacks strength and balanced, or you just choke-up in stressful situations.

  • We use the Schlaffhorst-Andersen method for voice and breathing.

  • We help you rediscover the joy of your own voice.

  • We use breathing techniques to help you control your nerves and stress.

  • We prepare you with techniques to use your voice confidently in different situations.

  • We help you develop your voice performance and expression.

  • We help you feel healthy and strong so you can let your voice be heard.

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"I worked with Silke for a few sessions to help with presentation skills for my work. She was warm, encouraging and knowledgeable. her support was very practical and she taught me lots of techniques and tips. As a result i'm happier when presenting and my confidence has grown."


- Harriet Young, Hypnobirthing Teacher

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